Materials Needed For Registration Of NDP

Materials Needed For Registration Of NDP
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Materials Needed for Registration of New Disinfection Products

Key materials:
1. Production capacity audit result by China provincial Health Inspection Bureau (applicable for China domestic disinfection products)
2. Research and manufacture report
For new disinfectant:

· Report on research development in China and international.
· The R&D process and the technical supports for the R&D.
· Formula of the product with CAS numbers.
· Sterilization mechanism of active ingredients.
· Manufacture technical process
· Concentration of main active ingredients, and research progress report for the concentration selection.
· Research report on bactericidal effect and synergistic bactericidal effect if multiple active ingredients exist in the product.
· Research report on microbial killing effects.
· Research data on impact factors of sterilization, disinfection effect, e.g. temperature, relative humidity, impact by organic substances, and these shall be described in User Brochure.
· Research data on corrosivity to metals.
· Research data on relevant toxicological safety.
· Research data on degradation of product in the environment.
· Research data on the product's stability and term of validity for continuous use.
For new disinfector: (omit).
3. Quality standard
4. Test method
5. Certificate (proof) issued by the country (area) of the manufacture for allowing production and sales in the country (area) (applicable for imported disinfection products).
6. China local representative nomination letter (applicable for imported disinfection products).
7. Other materials helpful for the evaluation.

Example of test items (similar requirement exists for disinfectors):
Test Items for Disinfectants (for both New and non-New disinfectants)

Test Items

Disinfection Objects


mucous membrane






Drinking water

Swimming pool water

Hospital sewage


medical appliance

General surfaces and fabrics


Sterilization and high level disinfection

Middle level

Low level


Active ingredient concentration




for continuous






Pb, Sb, 



Metal corrosivity






Laboratory measurement of microbial killing effect


Simulated field test 

or field test⑥



Overall performance test

+: mandatory
-: not needed
±: maybe needed
①~⑦: detail requirement exists.

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