China Drinking Water Registration

China Drinking Water Registration
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Understanding China Drinking Water Related Product (Drinking Water Contact Product) Regulation

China Regulation on Products related to drinking water (potable water) --- China Drinking Water Regulation was revised in 2014.

Drinking Water related products (DWP) means coupling/sealing material, plastics and organic synthesis pipes/fittings, protective coatings, water treatment agent, detergent, water quality conditioner and other new materials and chemicals, which are in contact with drinking water in the production and supply of drinking water. Specifically, DWP refers to products as listed in "Category of Hygiene and Safety Products Related to Drinking Water", including water distribution equipment, protective material, water treatment material, chemical treatment agent, water quality conditioner. Cups, water bottles, coffee pots and other food containers are not in the scope.

Since 2014, DWP are classified into 2 catalogues: New Drinking Water related Products (N-DWP) and non-New Drinking Water related Products (NN-DWP). N-DWP shall be approved by China National Health and Family Planning Commission, N-HFPC, NN-DWP shall be approved by China local Health and Family Planning Commission, L-HFPC.

New Drinking Water related Products (N-DWP)

N-DWP refer to DWP that are produced through the use of new material, new technology and new chemical substances.

New material and new chemical substance refer to materials that are not covered by 'Main Ingredient List For water distribution equipment, protective material and of water treatment material', by 'May Ingredient List of chemical treatment agents', or materials/chemical substances not covered by other currently effective China hygienic standards/files.

New technology refers to water quality conditioner' water treatment technology which are not covered by 'List of Water Treatment Technologies'.

Above mentioned Lists were published on December 31st of 2013 by N-HFPC.

N-DWP shall be evaluated and approved by China central authority N-HFPC before the product can be on China market. The evaluation and approval process will take normally more than 3 months, excluding the time needed for tests. The approval is valid for 4 years.

After N-DWP is approved and approval is publicized, then it will be managed as NN-DWP.

non-New Drinking Water related Products (NN-DWP)
NN-DWP refers to DWP that are not N-DWP.
NN-DWP shall be evaluated and approved by provincial authority L-HFPC. The approval is valid for 4 years, and shall be renewed before the expiration of the approval.

DWP manufacturers outside China shall appoint Representative in China to make the registration jointly. The Chinese Representative takes the legal responsibility.

Chart 1 below illustrates the management of China DWP.

Chart 1

Appendix: Category of Hygiene and Safety Products Related to Drinking Water
1 Water distribution equipment (excluding: equipment made of ceramics, cement; pumps, valves, water meters, water treatment agent charger, etc. mechanical parts)
 1.1pipes and fittings.
 1.2water storage containers.
 1.3non-negative pressure water supply equipment.
 1.4water dispenser.
 1.5Sealing/watertight materials: sealing tape, obturating ring.
2 Protective material
 2.1epoxy resin coatings.
 2.2polyester coatings (incl. alkyd resin).
 2.3acrylic resin coating.
 2.4polyurethane coatings.
3Water treatment material (portable water treatment materials, excluding: anthracite, bone charcoal, titanium oxide, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, iodine resin, electrolytic cell, electrode products)
 Activated carbon, activated alumina, ceramics, molecular sieve (zeolite), manganese sand, copper and zinc alloy (KDF), microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange resins and their components
4 Chemical water treatment agent (excluding: hydrolysis fenalamide, Poly dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride, Aluminum ammonium sulfate (ammonium alum), PH regulator, algaecide, calcium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, chlorine)
 4.1Water Flocculants, Water coagulant
 PAC (basic aluminium chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate), ferric sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride, aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate (alum), polyacrylamide, sodium silicate (water glass) and their complex products.
 4.2antisludging agent
 Phosphates, silicates and their complex products.
 4.3Water Disinfectant
 Sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide.
5 Water quality conditioner (excluding: ceramic water purifiers, water pH regulator, electrolyzed oxidizing water generator, fluoride/arsenic removal water purifier)
 5.1municipal water as raw water
 Activated carbon water purifier, coarse filter water purifier, microfiltration water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifier, water softer, ion exchange equipment, water distiller, electrodialysis water quality conditioner, reverse osmosis water purifiers, nanofiltration water purifier , etc..
 5.2groundwater or surface water as raw water (net water flow ≤25 m3/h)
 5.3Drinking water disinfection equipment
 Chlorine dioxide generator, ozone generator, hypochlorite generator, ultraviolet disinfector, etc.

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