Edible packaging films

Edible packaging films are made of polysaccharide synthesis, drug side effects, is edible and does not affect the sense of food. Mainly Portuguese Mannan, expandable 100 times after water absorption, high elasticity, high viscosity, heat-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, food to eliminate hunger, not absorbed by the body. Edible films can be made water soluble films, also can be made into film dissolved in warm water and insoluble in cold water, can also be made from heat-resistant, plastic film, can be cooked with food burned, convenience and hygiene, preservation is excellent.

Edible film currently in development are: edible starch films by using corn starch, potato starch, edible additive of food supplemented by films, used in candies, dried fruits, preserves, packaging, products of mechanical tension, flexibility, transparency, instant is superior to the current food factory uses glutinous rice paper. Edible protein films, films made from animal or plant protein protein can reduce antioxidant and preservative and to extend shelf-life. In addition, and modification of konjac powder product films, film modified by cellulose and chitin edible films are a new type of edible packaging film.