Glass is one of the most commonly used packaging material

Glass packaging materials is characterized by beautiful, hygiene, resistance to corrosion, low cost, and inert materials, environmental pollution. Milk, soft drinks, wine and jam and other commonly used glass containers. Glass container has the following advantages: better chemical stability; barrier, good health and save; generally not deformation; easy to seal closed tightly again after easily beautify; rich in raw materials costs low. Milk, soft drinks, wine and jam and other commonly used glass containers packaging, glass packaging also used some cooking utensils and cutlery. The disadvantage of glass packaging materials is fragile, unwieldy. Development of glass packaging materials from abroad, used as food containers and bottles toward increase glass strength and light weight (thin wall) direction. Lightweight and thin-walled will inevitably influence the strength of glass containers and solve this problem in addition to the adopting reasonable structure design, mainly by chemical and physical strengthening process and coating methods, improving the mechanical strength of glass. While improved glass performance, in particular the recycling of glass packaging products and the modification of its fragile, reducing one piece glass container consumption of energy and raw materials.