New high-barrier packaging material

High-barrier packaging material for food packaging trends, development of 4: amorphous nylon barrier for nylon 6 times; SaranHB, the barrier of Saran film 10 times; acrylate tree vinegar Metallized coating.

New type high barrier plastics have been widely used at the country, which can not only improve the protection of food packaging materials, and reducing the amount of plastic, and can even be reused. For processed foods that require high barrier protection and vacuum packing, packaging and so on are generally required to use composite packaging. Must have more than one layer in multilayer composites with high barrier materials. High barrier materials now used with aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, etc. With the improvement of food conservation requirements, better barrier EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), polyvinyl alcohol, also began to be used. EVOH is a chain-like structure of crystalline polymers, set good processing of polymers of ethylene and vinyl alcohol polymer high gas barrier in one, is a new type of barrier materials, gas barrier properties than PA (polyamide) 100 times times, 10,000 times times higher than PE, PP, higher than commonly used high barrier PVDC: 10 times more than double. In the area of food packaging, plastic containers made of EVOH can replace glass and metal containers, especially when beer bottle explosions injured people has become a global problem.

Current development in developed countries and a small PEN (CAI acid, polyethylene glycol vinegar) will bring huge changes to food packaging. The chemical structure and PET PEN (polyethylene glycol terephthalate vinegar) is similar, but rigidity improved oxygen barrier, water resistance than PET increased several times and UV absorbent, good resistance to hydrolysis, low adsorption of gases, contained remnants of food does not smell, which can be reused.

Inorganic high barrier will become the new favorite microwave food packaging materials. In recent years research of SiOx coated material in PET, PA, PP and other materials coated with a thin layer of Silicon oxide, it not only has a better barrier properties, and excellent atmospheric environment adaptability, its barrier is hardly affected by the ambient temperature and the effects of climate change. SiOx coated high barrier properties and microwave permeability, high transparency, can be used for high temperature cooking, microwave and other flexible packaging, can also be made into beverages and packaging of edible oil.