Paper packaging material has many advantages

Cheap, economical, protection performance, flexible production performance, convenient storage and easy styling and decoration, do not pollute the contents synthesis and improve material performance, and other materials, it is a widely used packaging materials. And because paper packaging can be recycled again after use, abandoned by even a small amount of paper products can decompose naturally in the environment, and has no adverse effects on the natural environment, so the Board and its products are green products, meet the requirements of environmental protection, used to replace part of the plastic packaging materials due to plastic pollution reduction can play a positive role. With the development of the awareness of environmental protection and the actual needs of life, development of plant fiber snack box, research and development of natural green packaging materials, such as paper products will serve as the future trends of the food packaging materials. In addition, with the development of packaging technology, edible wrapping paper is an important direction of modern food packaging. This kind of packaging is of great environmental and economic value. At present, two kinds of edible paper, with vegetables as the main ingredients, vegetables forming dry; the other is starches, sugar paste, add other food additives towards the method similar to the paper. Application and development prospects, based on vegetables green products more potential.