Polymer plastic

Polymer plastic and has become an important source of food packaging materials, because of its light weight and easy to use, barrier properties, permeability, heat resistance, cold resistance, good corrosion resistance and appearance characteristics such as colorful, beautiful, and are widely used. Plastic materials and plastic composites have advantages that other materials do not, so in food packaging materials, plastic and composite packaging material occupies a decisive position. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in recent decades, plastic packaging markets estimate will also have great growth. And the material itself is not easy to move into packaged foods, but did not participate in the polymerization of monomer and cracking, as well as the durability and appearance of the packaging material to join stable, plasticized, lubrication, colouring agents, improper if the quality will produce toxic effects and lead to its security. It is worth noting that is a disadvantage of polymer packaging materials with a prominent, easy to degrade, incineration generates toxic gases. Belongs to the cycle used in plastic products and plastic packaging materials the shortest varieties, typically 1 month ~3 month, a maximum of one year, since most municipal solid waste entering the waste system, while others are discarded, causing "white pollution". Plastic packaging materials in waste accounts for the largest proportion, its environmental pollution is also caused by various types of packaging materials, the most serious. Current solutions for recycling and combining the development and application of degradable plastics. In addition, due to the plastic itself is flawed, its resistance to humidity and barrier overall than metal and glass containers, so improving the plastic properties, development of new varieties, improving strength and barrier, reduce consumption and reuse, recycling and other very important.