What about plastic packaging with your strengths?

High strength: PET steel belt with strong tensile properties, close to the same specifications of the steel belt and can impact scalability, can ensure the safety of products.

Second, high toughness: PET packing belt with plastic properties, has a special flexibility during transport to avoid bumpy packaged with the rupture caused scattered objects, ensure transport safety.

Third, flexibility: PET plastic with no sharp edge of the steel belt, no damage to the wrapped object. In the packaging and unpacking will not cause injury to the operator, avoiding all unsafe factors.

Four, adaptability: the melting point of PET steel belt at 255 ° c between ~260, long-term-110 ℃ between Invariance and good dimensional stability. PET steel belt materials and production process, can adapt to climate change, high temperature resistant, dampness resistant, unlike Strip moisture rust resistance and loss of environmental pollution, is the binding strength decreases.

Five, beautiful does not rust: steel is exposed to the air and absorb moisture in the air causes rust, PET steel belt is not.