Definition Of Cosmetics Registration And Explanation Of Related Terms

1. Cosmetics registration definition: Cosmetics refers to rubbing, spraying or other similar methods, spread on any part of the surface of the human body (skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.) to achieve clean, eliminate bad smell, skin care, beauty and modification The purpose of daily chemical industrial products.

2. Cosmetics registration related terms and explanations:

2.1 Cosmetics Ingredients: Ingredients used in cosmetic formulations.

2.2 new raw materials cosmetics: the first time in the domestic use of cosmetics for the production of natural or artificial materials.

2.3 Prohibited components: not used as a raw material for cosmetics.

2.4 Restricted components: substances that can be used as cosmetic materials under defined conditions.

2.5 Preservative: A substance that is added to the cosmetic for the purpose of inhibiting the growth of the microorganism in the cosmetic.

2.6 sunscreen: the use of light absorption, reflection or scattering to protect the skin from specific UV damage or protect the product itself and in the cosmetics to join the material.

2.7 Colorants: The use of the principle of absorption or reflection of visible light, in order to make cosmetics or their application of the color and cosmetics in the addition of the material, but does not include the third chapter in Table 7, the hair dye.

2.8 Hair dye: The substance that is added to the cosmetic in order to change the color of the hair.

2.9 leaching cosmetics: in the human body surface (skin, hair, a, lips, etc.) after the use of timely cleaning of cosmetics.

2.10 Resident cosmetics: in addition to leaching products outside the cosmetics.

2.11 eye cosmetics: declared for the eye skin, eyelash parts of the cosmetics.

2.12 Lips Cosmetics: Cosmetics for lips.

2.13 Body Cosmetics: Cosmetics for body skins (excluding head and face skin).

2.14 Cosmetics: Cosmetics for the skin.

2.15 Cosmetics for children: Cosmetics claim to be suitable for use by children.

2.16 Professional use: in a special place by the professional training of personnel to use.

2.17 Packaging materials: direct contact with cosmetic raw materials or cosmetics packaging materials.

2.18 Cosmetics Registration Safety Hazardous substances: substances that are produced or brought into by the cosmetics raw materials, packaging materials, production, transportation and storage, which are exposed to potentially harmful effects on human health.