Disinfection Product, Cable Management, You Really Understand It?

As one of the important measures of nosocomial infection prevention and control, disinfection work is an important skill that our senses should be mastery. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more disinfecting products enter our daily work, such as chlorine disinfection Agents, alcohol, iodine volts, etc., for such items, we are in place to monitor it? Today, Xiaobian and we talk about disinfection product, cable management.

Referred to the disinfection product, had to give you about the concept of its science, disinfection product refers to disinfectants, disinfection equipment (including biological indicators, chemical indicators and sterile labels with sterile packaging) and health supplies. We often only concerned about the management of disinfectants, while ignoring the disinfection of equipment and health supplies of the cable management. In addition, according to the use of disinfection product, the use of the degree of risk of the object classification management. The first category includes high levels of disinfectants and disinfectants for medical devices, sterilizers and sterilizers, skin and mucous membrane disinfectants, biological indicators, and chemical indicators of sterilization. The second category includes disinfectants, disinfectants, chemical indicators, and sterile label packs, sterile preparations, in addition to the first category of products. The third category is in addition to anti-(anti) bacteria preparations outside the health supplies.

2002 version of "disinfection management approach" clearly stipulates: disinfection product manufacturing enterprises must obtain the provincial health administrative departments issued by the production enterprises health permits can be engaged in the production of disinfection product. Disinfection product to implement classification management, for disinfectants, disinfection equipment to be issued by the Ministry of Health disinfection product approval, before listing.

By 2009, the Ministry of Health issued the "Sanitary Product Safety Assessment Provisions", but only applies to ultraviolet germicidal lamps, disinfectant appliances, pressure steam sterilizer, 75% unilateral ethanol disinfectant, bleaching powder, bleaching powder Disinfectants, sodium hypochlorite disinfectants, glutaraldehyde disinfectants, anti-(bacteria) and other eight kinds of products.

In 2013, the National Health Commission under the "Decision on the Cancellation and Decentralization of 50 Administrative Approval Items" (Guo Fa [2013] No. 27), the abolition of the use of new materials, new technology and new sterilization principle production disinfectant And disinfection of disinfection product outside the administrative examination and approval. In order to ensure the follow-up supervision in place to prevent the "one on the chaos", the State Health Commission in 2014 issued a new "disinfection product health safety assessment requirements" (Guo Wei supervision issued 〔2014〕 36) (hereinafter referred to as the 2014 version) Evaluation regulations "), compared with the 2009 version of the requirements of the new disinfection product other than all disinfectants, disinfection equipment and anti-(bacteria) as a corporate health safety assessment of the object (the main object of evaluation significantly increased).

At this point, also completed the disinfection of product certification by the disinfection of product approval to health and safety assessment report changes.