Disinfection Product Category

Disinfection products in the role of purpose, it is a disease prevention products, rather than treatment or diagnosis of disease products; in the mechanism of action, it is a chemical, physical, biological methods to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms products, and Is not a pharmacological or immunological method to prevent disease products; in the role of the object, it is against the environment of the source of micro-organisms, rather than against a human disease products.

According to the "Disinfection Management Measures" (Ministry of Health Order No. 27, since July 1, 2002 from the implementation of the provisions of Article forty-ninth, disinfection products, including disinfectants, disinfection equipment (including biological indicators, chemical indicators and Bacteria items packaging), health supplies and disposable medical supplies.

According to the provisions of Article 78 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, disinfection refers to the use of chemical, physical and biological methods to kill or eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the environment. Therefore, from the perspective of the difference between disinfection products and drugs, the disinfection product can be understood as follows: (1) it is a disease-resistant product, not a disease or a disease-diagnosing product, In the mechanism of action, it is a chemical, physical and biological methods to eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms products, rather than pharmacological or immunological methods to prevent disease products; (3) in the role of the object, it is for the environment Of the pathogenic microorganisms, rather than a product against human disease.

Disinfection product category

    According to the "production category classification", disinfection products are divided into disinfectants, disinfection equipment, health supplies three categories.

    (A) disinfectant

    In accordance with the product characteristics of disinfectant, disinfectant is divided into powder disinfectant, tablet disinfectant, granule disinfectant, liquid disinfectant, spray disinfectant, gel disinfectant and other 6 categories.

    (2) disinfection equipment

    In accordance with the disinfection and sterilization factors, disinfection equipment is divided into pressure steam sterilizer, ethylene oxide sterilizer, glutaraldehyde sterilization cabinet, plasma sterilizer, ozone disinfection cabinet, electric disinfection cabinet, electrostatic air disinfection, Ultraviolet disinfection, UV disinfection, formaldehyde sterilizer, acid oxidation potential water generator, sodium hypochlorite generator, chlorine dioxide generator, ozone generator and ozone water generator, other disinfection equipment (indicating disinfection and sterilization factor) And other 15 categories.

    In addition, the disinfectant device includes a biological indicator, a chemical indicator, and a package with a sterilization label for measuring the sterilization effect.

    (C) health supplies

    In accordance with product use, health products are divided into sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, tampons (built-in sliver), diapers, diapers (pad, paper), urine pad, wipes and sanitary wipes, anti- (Paper), sanitary napkins (sticks, stickers, balls), cotton (paper, towels), hand (finger) sets, paper utensils, etc., contact lens care solution, contact lens cleaning solution, contact lens cleaning agent 15 subclasses.