Disinfection Product Changes Provided By The Information

To apply for a change of licensing matters, the following materials should be submitted:

(A) health related products health administrative licensing change application form;

(B) the original license of the health permit;

(C) other materials;

1, the name of the manufacturer, the address changes:

(1) domestic products must be provided by the local industrial and commercial administrative organs issued by the original documents, a copy of the manufacturer's health permit;

(2) The imported products shall provide relevant supporting documents issued by the relevant government departments or authorized institutions of the producing countries.

Among them, due to acquisitions between enterprises, mergers and proposed to change the name of the production enterprises, can also provide a copy of the two sides signed a merger or merger.

Proof of documents to be translated into Chinese, Chinese translation should be notarized in China notary public;

(3) within the enterprise group to adjust, should provide the local industrial and commercial administrative organs issued by the change production enterprises and pre-change production enterprises with the same

Belong to a group of supporting documents;

If the subsidiary is a Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macao investment enterprise or a foreign-invested enterprise, it may provide the Certificate of Approval for Foreign Investment Enterprises of the People's Republic of China or

"The People 's Republic of China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao overseas investment enterprises approved certificate" notarized after the copy;

(4) related to change the production site, should provide changes in the production of products after the hygiene inspection report. Disinfectants need to provide three batches of products

Determination of active ingredient content, pH value and stability test;

Disinfection equipment should be "disinfection product inspection requirements" requirements, to provide the appropriate inspection report. Domestic products, should also be submitted after the change production

Enterprises at the provincial level health supervision departments issued by the production site audit opinions;

Import products, if necessary, the Ministry of Health to its production site for review and (or) sampling re-inspection.