Disinfection Product, Do You Really Use It?

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the environment and their own clean, the use of disinfection product more and more widely, in order to allow people to use safe and safe disinfection product, health law enforcement supervision departments will organize each year for disinfection Product production enterprises of the special action. And for the public, our daily life will be exposed to what disinfection product? And how to choose and use disinfection product?

① diluted use

Many of the disinfectants used in the environment, the surface and the fruits and vegetables are needed to be diluted, and must be diluted according to the instructions.

② careful disinfection

For the disruption of skin and mucous membrane must be disinfectant and can not be anti-antibacterial agents, at the same time, if the skin mucosal wound deep, be sure to go to the hospital to the doctor to deal with the wound, and do not buy their own disinfection product. Disinfection product are not drugs, do not use disinfection product to cure.

Basis: "grass-roots medical institutions hospital infection management requirements"

"Disinfection product health safety evaluation requirements" (Guo Wei supervision issued 〔2014〕 36)


1) When using the unit claim, the health and safety evaluation report information provided by the product liability unit includes the label (nameplate), the instruction manual, the conclusion of the inspection report, the hygienic license of the domestic product production enterprise, the production country (region) Proof documents and declarations.

2) The first category of disinfection product safety evaluation report is valid for four years, the second type of long-term effective, and disinfection product safety evaluation report national effective.

3) For the disinfectant and disinfectant equipment which has obtained the hygienic license, the approval document can be used for the validity period. The validity period shall be changed to the health and safety evaluation report and filed for the record in accordance with the requirements of the "Evaluation Rules" of 2014.

4) Imported disinfection product do not have a production enterprise health permit, need to provide a copy of the business unit in China responsibility.

About filing:

The State Health Commission in the "further on the further strengthening of disinfection product in the post-regulation of the notice" (Guo Wei supervision issued 〔2015〕 90) in the clear requirements of the disinfection of product safety and safety assessment report vouchers.