Disinfection Product Range, Widely Used

On the disinfection of the product, it has its definition, our regulations also have requirements. Disinfection product should be said to be used to disinfect or have been disinfected some of the goods, we call it disinfection product. Disinfection product in accordance with the original Ministry of Health - now called the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a "disinfection management approach" on the disinfection product listed in four categories: the first category is disinfectant, the second category is disinfection equipment, the third Class is a one-time health supplies, the fourth category is a one-time medical supplies. These four categories are disinfected products.

Disinfection product you have just said, including medical supplies, food disinfection and daily hygiene products. What are the different requirements for hygiene and efficacy for disinfected products of different uses?

In fact, for these disinfection product, our country has a series of standards to carry out the requirements of a variety of disinfectant standards, a variety of disinfection machinery also has a standard, disposable health supplies, disposable medical supplies also have specialized disinfection standards.

Disinfection product range, widely used. Now there are many supermarkets in the daily use of disinfection product, like bathroom, kitchen disinfection product, are dazzling, our national disinfection product market

In fact, there are some products on the market that you have just listed, it is not within the scope of our disinfection product catalog, and there may be some antibacterial products related to disinfection product, there are some cleaning supplies, they may More or less claim to have the effect of removing microorganisms, there is the effect of inhibiting microbes, there are anti-microbial effects, so that is another. For these, generally do not manage it as a disinfection product.

Disinfection product in the market to see more are some disinfectants, such as clothes clothing disinfectant, disinfectant cooking utensils, as well as hand disinfectant disinfectant, and sometimes used in pets, objects, surface Disinfectants in these places may be more in the market.

If you want to buy a disinfection product to give advice, first, must buy a legitimate product. Disinfection product on the production enterprises or permission, when you buy disinfection product, it is necessary to see if it is a production enterprise health permits. If there is evidence to prove that this type of product production conditions, the production process under control, more at ease.

Second, if you choose a little earlier before the product, it is best to take a look at the health permit approval. Although it is now canceled, but in my impression, there are evidence of the product, previously approved products, in principle, the overall quality is still much better.

Third, we must choose their own products. As the use of disinfection inside the home effect, safety is also very important. For example, during the SARS period, I knew that there was a direct introduction of peracetic acid as a supplements. Someone put peracetic acid on the side of the toilet. As a result, the child touched it, the bottle was broken, the child was injured and injured. Systemic corrosion, that effect is relatively strong.

So, in this case, we as the home of the disinfection, as the daily disinfection must choose some of the more moderate, the role of the home inside enough on the line, not necessarily how advanced, or for all Microbes are effective. Safe and effective are needed.

Fourth, take a look at the instructions, instructions and the use of our daily life counterparts.