Food Contact Materials And Products Into A New Standard Era

The Group's Food Inspection Department was informed that the State Health Commission and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a total of 53 mandatory national safety standards for eight categories of food contact materials and products on November 18, 2016, of which nine standards April 19, 2017 formally implemented.

The nine food contact materials and products standards include: enamel products, ceramic products, glass products, food contact with plastic resin, food contact with plastic materials and products, food contact paper and cardboard materials and products, food contact with metal materials and Products, food contact with the coating and coating, food contact with rubber materials and products and other standards, covering China's current main use of food contact materials for food contact materials and products to provide more scientific and more comprehensive protection.

Spectrum test group food contact materials testing sector analysis that the new national standard GB has the following changes:

1. Product safety requirements of the technical indicators more comprehensive and more targeted;

2. Migration compliance test conditions are more scientific and reasonable, more stringent;

3. Specific provisions for additives, labeling labels, raw material requirements, and microbial limits for specific materials.

With the implementation of this series of standards, food contact materials and products, the national standard replacement work is basically completed, marking China's food contact materials and products into the new standard era.

What is food contact materials and products? The food contact materials and products are referred to under the normal conditions of use, which have been or are expected to be in contact with food or product additives, or their ingredients may be transferred to foodstuffs. Of materials and products. Including packaging materials, containers, tools and equipment for foodstuffs for food production, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, sale or use, and inks, adhesives, lubricants, etc. which may be directly or indirectly exposed to food. Does not include detergents and public water delivery facilities. Food contact materials and products, although not food, but at home and abroad have food contact materials and products safety as food safety areas, food contact materials and products to take the same food safety standards for supervision.

Based on the implementation of the new part of the above criteria, the Group's food testing department reminded the food contact materials and products manufacturing enterprises to keep abreast of the new national standard of food contact materials and products to ensure that the products produced and sold meet the requirements and avoid unnecessary Economic losses. At the same time food production, processing-related enterprises should also update the standard-related indicators, pay attention to the process of food involved in the contact materials and products are compliance and compliance.

I Division in the field of food testing has always been at the forefront of the industry. The highest standards of food safety constant pursuit of access to a number of national authority of the certification body of food testing authorization, can provide one-stop service for customers. Food production enterprises can hold reports, can be directly to the relevant certification body to declare.