Import Cosmetics Registration Declaration And Filing Procedures Three Steps

All foreign sales for the purpose of sales of cosmetics, must be pre-approved by the Chinese administrative department (approval department: State Food and Drug Administration, referred to as CFDA) approval. Without approval can not be normal declaration, nor in the Chinese mainland market.

The author of the company for the Cosmetics Registration department, more than 10 years has been committed to the import of cosmetics health permit approval (filing certificate) agent declaration work, is a well-known industry well-known brand agency, received a large number of imported cosmetics every day to declare the registration , A considerable part of the customer I do not know where to start, after repeated consultation is still muddle. Recommended to read Tian Jian Huacheng wrote "import cosmetics declaration registration complete guidance manual" series, always complained that the article is too long to read down without patience. Therefore, the site special Tianjian Huacheng Cosmetics Registration department to write this article, and strive to use the most simple text, try to import cosmetics procedures to make it clear that this attempt to give the majority of enterprises to bring practical help.

Step 1: Identify product conditions and import procedures, budget cycles and costs

(1) clear product situation

As a importer of cosmetics products, especially in China, dealers, once the import of a brand of cosmetics, should first clear the actual situation of the product, but also the product can be approved prerequisites, such as:

Is the product already in the country of sale? Does the product's raw materials comply with Chinese mainland regulations? Has the product been approved for listing in China? Are products of non-special or special product categories?

[Cosmetics import declaration of the two basic prerequisites: 1. Products in foreign sales, can issue a sales certificate; 2. Domestic corporate companies as a unit in China, and access to foreign manufacturers authorized. To

(2) to understand the import procedures, cycle and cost

Understand the product at the same time, should also know that foreign cosmetics imports to mainland China sales, the main need to go through two steps: The first step is to the China State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) to apply for administrative licensing documents / filing, which is imported Prerequisite; access to the document / certificate, the second step to the normal declaration of the inspection.

Let's talk about the time and cost budget for the first step.

Application cycle is one of the most concerned about the problem, according to Tianjian Huacheng company's experience, imports of non-special cosmetics generally can be completed within 3 to 6 months to declare, get the record certificate. Imports of special cosmetics, according to different functions, the entire reporting cycle is about 6 to 12 months or so.

The second step: Cosmetics Registration signed a proxy contract to determine the availability of foreign information

After the previous study of understanding, it entered the substantive operation of the stage.

As a dealer, and foreign manufacturers should sign a product agent contract, CFDA approval period is valid for 4 years, so the agent contract the best period in more than 4 years.

At the same time as the contract should be signed, it should be understood whether the foreign side can provide product related technical literature (such as complete formula, process, quality standards, etc.) and supporting documents (such as sales certificates, etc.), because do not rule out some foreign enterprises for intellectual property protection do not want Provide individual technical core information.

In addition, the products of European countries should also determine whether the foreign agreement to animal experiments, because the European countries do not advocate animal experiments, and in the Cosmetics Registration CFDA approval process, the animal experiment is necessary to do the project.

Need to obtain the product information and its requirements, please see the China Registration Application Network feature article: "import Cosmetics Registration procedures for complete instructions", or CFDA official website related information. Commissioned by Tianjian Huacheng Office, you can provide information and can get the relevant sample help.

The third step: to determine the application, self-application or commission agent

As the current application of imported Cosmetics Registration more and more professional, more and more difficult, so the application can only have two options: either with a professional registration staff or departments, or commissioned as Tianjian Huacheng company such professional agents mechanism. For companies that are not yet officially operating, it is clearly not realistic to have a dedicated department or staff, so choosing a suitable and reliable agency is a key issue. This can refer to Tian Jianhua into the feature article "teach you how to choose cosmetics declaration agency."