Issues Related To Pre-packaged Alcoholic Beverage Labeling

Today by the Ministry of health ' health monitoring function (2012) No. 851 ' form of pre-packaged alcoholic beverage labeling related issues are explained. Contents are as follows:

General Office of the Ministry of health on issues related to pre-packaged alcoholic beverage labeling responses

Office of the General Administration of quality supervision:

You explicitly import pre-packaged alcoholic beverage labels relating to matters of letter (letter of quality food, 01Z|691) has been received. Through research, the answers are as follows:

, On sulfur dioxide in wine label logo. According to the General principles of the prepackaged food labels (GB7718-zO11) and of the wine and liquor (GB2758-2O12), and its implementing provisions, allowing the use of food additives of sulfur dioxide in 2O13 years before August 1 in the label, the wine labeled as sulphur dioxide and trace amounts of sulphur dioxide;

2O13 manufactured after August 1, the use of imported food additives of sulfur dioxide wine, sulfur dioxide should be labeled or marked as content of trace sulfur dioxide and.

Second, on into the field name of the country or region of origin food labeling issues. According to the General principles of the prepackaged food labels (GB7718-zO11) stipulates that the country of origin of imported prepackaged food shall be marked by name or district name, refers to the food becomes the final product's country or region name, also includes the packaging (or fill) the country or region name. Imported pre-packed wine labels shall faithfully accurate marking of origin country or area name.