New Implementation Rules Of Decree On The Administration Of The Surveiled Chemicals

New 'Implementation Rules of Decree on the Administration of the Surveiled Chemicals' was enacted on July 2 of 2018, and is effective from Jan. 1, 2019.



'Decree on the Administration of the Surveiled Chemicals' is the China regulation based on 'Convention on The Prohibition of The Development, Production, Stockpiling And Use Of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction' (CWC Convention). The previous implentation rule of this Decree was enacted in 1997.


The outstanding new content in the new implementation rule is that, the new rule clarified that 'when the concentration of CWC chemical is below the threshold limit, the reporting and permission for import/export can be exempted. The threshold limit will be enacted and adjusted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology according to actual situation'.


The previous Implementation Rule did not specify such threshold limit --- under which it happened that import/export permit was requested for mixture product with only 1w/w% Schedule 3 CWC chemical inside.


The offical announcement of the new Rule (Chinese version):