On The Adjustment Of Cosmetics Registration Record Management Matters

To further standardize the registration of Cosmetics Registration and management of the work to protect the health rights and interests of consumers, according to the "Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Ordinance" and "the General Office of the State Council on the issuance of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration, the main responsibilities of institutions and staffing regulations" Issued [2013] 24) of the relevant provisions, is to adjust the registration of Cosmetics Registration of the relevant matters are as follows:

First, the domestic non-special use of cosmetics to inform the record

Since June 30, 2014, domestic non-special purpose cosmetics manufacturers should be listed before the product, in accordance with the "domestic non-special purpose cosmetics filing requirements" (Annex 1), the product information for online filing. Recorded product information by the provincial food and drug regulatory authorities to confirm the food and drug regulatory authorities in the unified website for public information, the provincial food and drug regulatory authorities no longer issued domestic non-special purpose cosmetics record vouchers. The provincial food and drug regulatory authorities shall, within three months after filing, organize inspections of the products on record and find that they do not meet the requirements and make corrections. If they find that they are illegal, they shall be investigated and dealt with according to law and shall be marked in the relevant sections of the product record information. Failure to fulfill the requirements of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics pre-market product information obligations, in accordance with the "Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations," the provisions of Article 45 of the relevant provisions of Article VII.

Second, whitening cosmetics into the freckle Cosmetics Registration management

At present, most of the market claims to help the skin whitening whitening cosmetics, and claimed to be used to reduce the skin skin pigmentation of the mechanism of cosmetics consistent. To control the safety of whitening cosmetics, decided to be included in the freckle cosmetics management. Since the date of this announcement, the food and drug regulatory authorities no longer accept domestic or imported whitening products for non-special purpose cosmetics filing applications, production enterprises should be in accordance with the "whitening cosmetics management requirements" (Annex 2) for product registration applications. Has been accepted whitening products, food and drug regulatory authorities to continue to review the original provisions of the issuance of the record certificate, and urge enterprises to complete the relevant test items and information in a timely manner, according to special purpose cosmetics category re-declared. Has made the record certificate of whitening products, not required to re-declare and obtain a special purpose cosmetics approval certificate, since June 30, 2015, shall not be produced or imported.

Only with a clean, exfoliating and other effects of the product, shall not claim whitening whitening function. Has made the record certificate, should be filed with the original record management department name and label change application, the original product packaging can be used until June 30, 2015, the relevant products can be sold to the end of its shelf life.