Preservatives And Cosmetics Mix

Preservatives and cosmetics blending, to prevent any mass change, odors, and pathogenic mold, from manufacturing to delivery to the customer, until they were finally completed by using the microorganism. General preservatives for cosmetics, hydroquinone is white crystalline solid, soluble in water, ethanol and ether, and slightly soluble in benzene. Hydroquinone is an important chemical
Chemical preservatives most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics. Composed of these members, such as Nepalese gold ester, ethyl nipagin and buytlparaben. According to the save the intended purpose, whether products are water soluble substances or oil-soluble substance, benzene and we select the appropriate base material (such as lotion or cream, and so on) and integrated products. Benzene chemicals group has been used as cosmetics preservatives for more than 40 years of great success.
Cosmetics in recent years, nipagin without development. Does not contain any products containing benzene develops and manufactures special clean room, where there is a lower risk of bacterial contamination. The stability of such products also use the alternative provides an antibacterial ability, so as to ensure the safety and stability of cosmetics.
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