Provisions On Acceptance Of Administrative Permit For Cosmetics Registration

Article 1 For the Cosmetics Registration of administrative license for cosmetics, the relevant information shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Acceptance Provisions for the Administration of Cosmetics Administrative Licensing, and the general requirements for the declaration of information shall be as follows:

(1) for the first time to apply for special purpose Cosmetics Registration administrative license, to submit the original 1 copies of 4 copies, copies should be clear and consistent with the original;

(2) 1 copy of the original application for the registration, continuation, alteration or replacement of the cosmetics registration application;

(3) In addition to the inspection report, notarized documents, official documents and third-party documents, the original application materials should be stamped by the applicant page by chapter or stamped the chapter;

(D) the use of A4 standard paper printing, the use of obvious distinction between the signs, according to the order of order, and bound into a book;

(5) the use of Chinese legal units of measurement;

(6) the contents of the registration of Cosmetics Registration should be complete and clear, the same project should be filled in the same;

(7) All foreign language (foreign address, website, registered trademark, patent name, SPF, PFA or PA, UVA, UVB, etc. must be used in foreign language) should be translated into standardized Chinese, and the translation attached to the corresponding foreign language information before;

(8) product formula should be submitted to the text version and electronic version;

(9) the text version and electronic version of the fill should be consistent.

Article 2 When applying for administrative license for domestic special purpose cosmetics, the following information shall be submitted:

(1) Application Form for Administrative Licensing of Domestic Special Purpose Cosmetics;

(2) the name of the product name;

(3) product quality and safety control requirements;

(4) product design packaging (including product labels, product brochures);

(5) the inspection report and relevant information issued by the licensing inspection agency as determined by the State Food and Drug Administration;

(6) information on the safety assessment of potentially hazardous substances in the product;

(7) Opinions on the production and hygiene conditions issued by the provincial food and drug supervision and administration department;

(8) cosmetics registration application for breeding, bodybuilding, beauty dairy products, should be submitted to the efficacy of ingredients and the use of scientific literature;

(9) other information that may contribute to administrative licensing.

Attached to the provincial food and drug supervision and management departments sealed samples did not open one sample.