Safety Guidelines For Food Contact Materials

International environmental requirements for EU food contact materials

(EC) NO 1935/2004 2. Directive on plastic products in contact with food products 2002/72 / EC and its supplementary instructions 3. Directive on contact with food products 84/500 / EC and its supplementary directive 2005/31 / EC 4. Reproductive Cellulose Membrane Directive 2007/42 / EC 5.

(EC) NO 450/2009 6. Guidance on materials and products containing vinyl chloride monomer in contact with foodstuffs Directive 78/142 / EEC and 80/766 / EEC 7. In contact with food containing N-containing Nitroxides and N-nitrosamine products 93/11 / EC 8. MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS INDEX FOR CONTENT FOODS CONTAINING FOODS 1895/2005 / EC 9. EU food grade material resolution

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Environmental requirements for food contact materials in European countries

1. Germany LFGB 2. France French Décret no 92-631 and French DGCCRF note 2004-64 3. Italy ITALIAN MINISTERIAL DECREE 21-03-1973 4. Other EU countries

Ⅲ Environmental requirements for food contact materials in the United States Ⅳ Environmental requirements for food contact materials in other countries

1. Japan 2. China

Ⅴ Other related services for food contact materials

1. European and American packaging materials testing 2. Packaging and transport testing 3. Inspection and audit services 4. Other services


"Food contact materials" related to food packaging, tableware, kitchen utensils, food processing machinery, food and other small household electrical appliances and other products, and these products can contact with food materials such as plastics, rubber, metal, paper and cardboard, glass ceramics, bamboo Wood and textiles, as well as auxiliary materials for colorants, printing inks, adhesives and the like for these products and materials. Quality and safety hazards Food contact materials and products may be in contact with food in the process of affecting the smell and taste of food, more likely to release a certain amount of toxic heavy metals or toxic plastic monomer. At the same time, some of the chemical composition of the material may migrate to the food and be taken by the human body, affecting human health. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the quality and safety of food contact materials and products, and through the establishment of the appropriate mechanism to develop strict safety standards and advanced control and detection technology and other measures to protect food contact materials and products of quality and safety, And then ensure food safety.

International recognition

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