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Chemical Regulation
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As for global village today, international business becomes the key. International business of chemicals faces kinds of regulatory requirements.

As today, USA, Canada, European Union, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippe, Australia, New Zealand and mainland China all have regulations on registration requirement for new chemical substances and existing chemical substances. It is generally required that registration to competent authority shall be made in prior to the manufacture or import in these countries, areas.

GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labelling of chemicals, the Purple Book) is another key issue for chemical international business. Countries and areas mentioned above, and Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay etc. all require to provide SDS and safety label in their local official language and to meet their related standards.

There are also other regulations especially some international convention, for example chemicals related to Chemical Weapon Convention, drug precursor, ozone layer depletion, Stockholm Convention for POPS, UN Recommendations the Orange Book, etc...

Inside a country or area, there would be further more regulations for chemicals to comply with. For example in China, a dangerous chemical producer shall obtain Safety Production License, a dangerous trader shall obtain Dangerous Chemical Business License, some dangerous chemical users shall obtain Safe Usage Permit. And other controls for e.g. hyper toxic chemicals, chemicals Liable to produce explosives, production permit for some industrial chemicals, registration of dangerous chemicals, etc. If a chemical's application field is related to human health, there are specific regulations e.g. registration for food contact, for portable water treatment, for disinfectant, cosmetics, etc..
Incompliance with regulation may face severe consequence and will impact development of a company.

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